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September 18, 2006



Amen J.R., it was a good night. Thanks for shepherding us.

As Jenna and I waited out in the hallway last night before the doors opened, I was feeling awkward, thinking that we should have been going around to the people that were there to meet them and introduce ourselves in an attempt to do something that would be uncomfortable for us, but that would also help us to connect with those around us in order to begin fostering an environment of community, even if just in our own hearts. We ended up meeting a few people in a more natural way, but I was also listening to people talk in anticipation of the launch of resonate that was going to happen shortly.

One comment that I heard made me uneasy... someone mentioned that it felt like we were at a concert waiting for the doors to open, and then they motioned and joked about having tickets to sell and stuff like that... another person mentioned that they thought it might actually be like a concert. As we went in and sat down, I began looking around and sensing the excitement that was in the air, but I also had an uneasy feeling, wondering how this initial gathering of resonate could not just turn into a major production. After all, with all the planning and resources and excitement, and the fact that churches always have to fight against "putting on a show" it could have easily turned into a "concert" atmosphere, with humble and authentic worship of God taking a back seat. Knowing your heart and that you would rather shut the thing down than let it turn into a production was a calming thought, but that is why I came up to you as the service was starting (bad timing, I know) and asked you the question I did and made the comment I did. I believe God prompted me to do so.

I appreciate your answer to the "howmanyjahave" question. It can never be about numbers, especially if resonate is about authentic community and worship that is lived out as we are being the church and bringing the kingdom to our neighbors. If resonate is "successful", it will not be because of the number of people that come to our sunday night gatherings, but because of the number of people that are impacted on a daily basis as the community of resonate lives in mission with Jesus outside of our sunday night gatherings. Those numbers are impossible to count.

Drew Moser

Congrats on getting the first one under your belt. That always feels good. Don't expect 'the question' to go away. We're a year into VOX, and I still get it.



Being somewhat of a stat's person and having a seat in the back I did a rough count and my guesstimate is about ***. Didn't know if you really wanted to know that number or not, but if so, just email. It seemed like things went fairly well. It was nice to put a face to the name, if you know what I mean.


JR, Verse: Jer 5:1 - God asks Jeremiah to go up and down the streets of Jerusalem and look for one man who follows Him; if he found one, God would establish Jerusalem forever. (He never found one, but it shows God's heart for 1) Story: The best financial class we ever had started with one person and expanded to three. Our current Starting Point started with 8 and is down to 2; but they are very faithful. Keep it up.

Regards, Doug

PS, Pierced continues to build on what you and Megan help build, we had "Stations" last Sunday. It brought back memories to our first time at Pierced with you.


Words cannot say how proud I am of you, J.R. I am proud of the risks you are taking to do and say the hard things that the Lord has been laying on your heart to encourage and challenge His followers. The word that kept coming to my mind throughout the evening on Sunday was "anointed". Anointed by the Holy Spirit. May we all continue to be touched and moved by the supernatural.


congrats man! I wish I could have been there - I know God's using you to do great things.

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