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February 11, 2005



P.S. I thought about from an individual perspective: what tension do I find myself in with my leadership philosophy? After much thought, I came up with this simple paradigm:

Influencing everything we do/influencing nothing we do.


As a Worship Leader, How about the tension between:

Pleasing Everyone/Pleasing God

Rick Holman

Hey J.R.

There is an interesting book called "Polarity Management" that deals with the tension of dealing with opposites. The author, Barry Johnson, has built a consulting practice around helping organizations distinguish between problems to be solved and polarities to be managed.

This notion speaks directly to your concept of tension, and I think you might find it useful to deepen your exploration. Polarities do not go away. Each pole of a polarity, centralized vs. decentralized for example, have both an upside and a downside. These polarities can also be thought of as dilemmas.

The way to handle a dilemma is not to think of it as a static construct where one must choose one pole or the other. Rather, think of them as dynamic processes with each extreme having both an upside and a downside. In other words, apply it to the situation at hand understanding that you get the good with the bad and be ready to adjust when needed.

Dilemmas can never be solved, they can only be dissolved by going to a higher level of understanding. Hope this helps. What do you think? (I have the book if you want to look at it)



Yes, I have read that book by Johnson. A good one. (Sorry, J.R. -- your ideas aren't orginal...but they are good!)

I've been thinking a lot about the tension I find myself in in every area of my life...there is a lot more there than we realize, if we only look for em.


nate hulfish

reflecting last night as i sat through an elder board (bored?) meeting, i would add the tension between creativity and control (especially when it comes to leadership)...

i believe there is a tension between allowing/encouraging disciples to creativly minister and express their faith and as a leader ensuring (controlling) that they are remaining true to the truth of the entire gospel...

if creativity and control are not held in tension...you swing toward unorthodoxy (too much creativity) or leagalism (too much control)...


Good addition, Nate. Very important to live in that tension. I'll add it to the list.

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