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September 29, 2005



JR, Answers: (1) Testimonies every weekend, Leaders who served, People who talked about the Word and asked what they could pray for me, (2) People who preached true, griity grace where we could confess sins and encourage each other in our walks with God ... wherever He led, (3) I think Pierced already is ... I see hunger in people's eyes to make sense of their lives through the lense of the Gospel ... people need a voice to say where they are at ...

Regards, DougG


Hey J.R.-
Just wanted to say, i think it's so cool how much you guys want to involve "Pierced" with Pierced. I've never been a part of something so open. In an answer to your questions, i think we need to be more like the church in Acts. It was so simple to them: Pray, learn about and serve the creator and fellowship. I think that pierced is pretty great at the two latter things but not at the first. How can we have "flames over our heads" if we aren't in communication with the one who puts them there? All i'm saying is, let's pray!

Learning too,


Doug and Sarah -

Good thoughts.
Here were others mentioned last night:

Question 1:
-transparency with God and with each other
-fellowship and certainty about the afterlife
-no rules...period
-unapologetic about our faith
-daily interaction
-more diverse
-more of a party atmosphere: mingling, music, interaction.
-ignites passion for God for the rest of the week
-intentional about outreach
-intentional about our interaction with the poor.
-be willing to meet the needs of people.
-ekklesia: being the called-out people of God.

Question 2:
-not be judged by our sins

Question 3:
-stop the hypocrisy
-a party scene that glorifies God
-Ascribe God the glory that he is due
-evangelism to the community

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