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January 20, 2006


leigh ann

sorry - this is not about leadership - but about loving your music selection right now, especially Cat Stevens (that is my favorite cooking music) and Pedro!!!!!


dude, great thots on leadership... I have not always been the empowering leader who enables others to lead, but in the last ten years, i have sure seen the value of it... a long time ago i heard this: "the test of a true leader is what happens when she is not around" if one leads as you have suggested, things will go well, because leaders are developing and enabled!


I agree with revtom... you know you've done your job when everthing does not fall apart when God moves or takes you.


I hearty here! here!

And Revtom hit it on the head with, "True leadership is seen by the actions of your subordinates when the 'leader' is not around."

And you see it everwhere: The Armed Services, Business World, Churches, Athletic Teams, good leadership and leadership skills are truly best seen in those who aren't afraid to "tap into" the strengths and ideas of their subordinates. They also lead from the front by example, and remember that mission accomplishment is always before troop welfare.

And as a side note; I've alwasys thought that enthusiasm is contagious and can be a real fireball, or mission defeater.


A true "A" leader ought to be about the task of "working himself/herself out of a job" as quickly as possible ... by making him(her)self redundant.



I like that phrase "self redundant."

It seemed that Jesus was all about this method, since much of his multiplication methods still exist to this day...

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