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January 18, 2006



Ok, I saw this on the sidebar and wondered... but should I put down Divine.. and Shaping and pick it up??? Is it that important for me to understand you young'uns?

JR, I have read the book by Webber and recommend it as well. I am looking at your blog tonight for the first time in a while. Regarding the Emergent church, I hear D.A. Carson's book is pretty harsh and that Gibbs book is very positive. I assume Gibbs book is similar to Webber's but I look forward to reading them both. As a practioner, I recommend Church on the Other Side by McLaren as a good solid pastoral introduction. Of course Webber is essentially writing: look at all these young people who are putting into practice my book Ancient Future Faith! I'm teasing him. Ancient Future Faith is a great book and so is Younger Evangelicals.

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