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June 12, 2007


Katie Lerch

Amen, brother. I just survived crunch time myself. Frosty's do the trick for me when I am just about to lose my mind...


A wise old man encouraged me once to "finish strong" or perhaps it was "leave well"... either way, it stuck with me and like you, as i'm in my final days at seminary (different role, but seminary just the same) I'm feeling the pressure while the energy level is dropping. But leaving well is still my goal... All that to say, hang in there. Hope you're not beating yourself up for lack of productivity...in fact, I've learned a few laps around the building do the trick to get my mind back on what I'm doing. Either way, it'll all be over soon. :)
(By the way, when I say old, I simply mean older than me. Don't be offended.)


I empathize, only I'm beginning my grad school class and having to get back into school mode after two years off. The motivation to read the assigned reading is very low as well.

Keep pushing on - the end of the semester is very near!

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