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December 12, 2007



Wow, the nativity scene with the shopping bag covering over baby Jesus. How sad and oh how true. If you can’t take Christ out of Christmas, then at least cover Him over with a shopping bag. The stress, the hurry, the distractions from what really matters. I am grateful that you came up with the wonderful idea of the Advent Challenge. I have heard some good conversations related to this, and it was encouraging to hear many young people in conversations in the spirit of giving, caring and concern.
As we are out in this Holiday whirlwind that blows shopping bags over Christ, I’d like to remind us all to take a little more time being intentional and really observe some of the things we may not usually see. This is a difficult season for many that we could walk right past, who are struggling in a multitude of ways. Depression season, addiction season, homeless season, still no job season, no fuel to heat the house season, no coat for the little girl that goes to school with your daughter season (she may not really be always forgetting it), and so much despair in the midst of this hurried rush. Let us all take a little more time for a kind word, a minute to listen and share Christ’s Love with our hearts too this season.


Hey JR. Cool to see you guys engaging in a meaningful advent out there. Check out this new video with Rick for our Advent Conspiracy:


Tom Smith

So true!
Thanks for helping redeem this season - a season that almsot drowned in commercialism.

Joshua Smith

I am curious to know if it was ridiculous marketing attempt by Macy's.

They thought - If we can convince them that Jesus received gifts from Macy's, maybe Christians will shop at Macy's.

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