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March 16, 2008


hawaii dave

a relative newbie to your blog (i think i found my way here via jesus creed), and i've really enjoyed it, it has 'resonated' with me all the way out here in hawaii! thank you for posting the document. i'm printing it up and will follow along during this Holy Week! God bless!
dave sugawa
wellspring covenant church
honolulu, hawaii


Thanks so much for additional materials for review this week. I have not yet made it out to Resonate but I think you may have been the first pastor that I heard speak at Calvary when I moved back to the area a few months ago. I am happy to say that I have chosen it as my new home church! I have just stumbled upon your blog as if by accident and really appreciate the ideas and thoughts shared here. Hope to run into you some Sunday morning or Wednesday night in the near future!

I hope you enjoy this very special week!

God Bless!
Pipersville, PA

Mike L.


Thanks for posting this. It has already proven to be a valuable resource.

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