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March 18, 2008


Kevin Davis

Hi J.R.,

I LOVE this tourney, especially when my team is in the Big Dance. GO HAWKS!!! My Final Four varies, but in your pool I'm taking some risks with Notre Dame, Kansas, Texas and UCLA. Kansas over Texas in a Big 12 rematch for the national title.

My risks are Butler over Tennessee and Saint Joe's, Xavier and Notre Dame in the Elite 8 and Marquette, Notre Dame, Saint Joe's, Georgetown and Xavier all in the Sweet 16. I've probably been listening to "pray as you go" way too much based on all of my Catholic school picks :o)

Kyle Landis

yo JR...your gonna lovee my pics man...

ive got st joes, kentucky, san diego, and my only serious pick...kansas going to the final four. hahaha


hmmmm. I don't seem to see University of Michigan on there, my friend. oh, that's right, CAUSE THEY'RE AWFUL AT BASKETBALL!!

Michigan State is startin off strong...whooped on Temple....



So, I stayed conservative this year and went with North Carolina, Kansas, Memphis, and UCLA in my Final Four. I put some thought into having Kansas win it all, but I decided to instead go with the numbers and I have North Carolina winning it all.


Don laughed at me when I said Duke wouldn't make it to the sweet sixteen. So I'm feeling even more confident about Kansas going all the way.


I picked an all Pac-10 Final Four (just because I love Pac-10 and think it would be fun) - of UCLA, Wash St., USC, & Stanford. So far all but USC made it to sweet 16. So could happen - had USC vs. UCLA (the ultimate Bruin dream) in the finals, with, of course, UCLA showing them the what's what. Will be fun to see what happens...

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