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May 09, 2008



Yes, I've heard at least songs from all 5. Like the direction all the bands are going, but I'm partial to Death Cab for Cutie if I had to recommend one on that list, and I know you'll get Coldplay anyway (since they are the closest to U2). Since I'm even more into new Christian music, I'd like to recommend:

After Edmund
The Afters
Sanctus Real

Pretty much in that order. All alternative rock.


Haven't heard any of those, but I did write a review of The Weepies new album (recommended) if you're interested.


Carl Adams

I have Jon Foreman's first two solo releases (Amazon sells them packaged together, which is convenient) - Fall & Winter. They are excellent - definitely somber (fitting the titles) but very very good in my opinion - not that different from the few more mellow/somber Switchfoot songs over the years, but definitely thematically fits together better - if it was Switchfoot you'd want to know where the upbeat songs were. But very enjoyable for when you're in the mood for something thoughtful and mellow.

I would also highly recommend new releases from:
-Justin McRoberts (Deconstruction)
-Andy Gullahorn (Reinventing the Wheel)
-Fike & Dana (The Morning Is Come)

Each of those is a recent or future "DJ Pick" recommendation.

Chris Sligh (remember the curly haired funny guy from past American Idol?) has a new album out that's also quite good - called "Running Back To You).


A friend just gave me Diana Krall's CD...she's got a great voice.

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