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July 19, 2008



Plain and simple- I think that, far too often, I've been too possessive of the "table." I thought that it was my table to begin with and that I should be concerned only with who was there. If I give up possession of the table and primarily concern myself with the people to bring to the table, God will provide the sustenance. It's His feast.


Hey JR
Hope you and your family are well. Great to see and hear how the plant is growing. I'm still attending Resonate but it's not the same without your ease and......heart....up front.

My comment about your post was to add the notion (which I heard back when my previous church was doing an outreach / emergent service at Doylestown Baptist ("Sanctuary") on Saturday evenings (2003-4)....anyway it was a simple twist on the notion of referring to those not in church (or relationship with Christ) as "The Lost".....They preferred to use the term...."The missing ones".

I'm sure you've heard that before, but i tell you it has stuck with me.....that my job is to be available to God, to be His agent, to play a part in the gathering in of the missing ones of His / our family. What a great charge and calling...now if I could just remember who I am in Christ...or to borrow a phrase.."stay awake long enough" things will be even better!
I lived in Lansdale for about 10 years and feel that Renew will be blessed and a blessing in that town.

Continuing to pray for your family and ministry.


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