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October 27, 2008




Melanie Larson

JR, I can't tell you how much I appreciate this. I've been thinking about Romans 14 and how it relates to the way we Christians feel about our political issues, and what it means that we are all the weaker brother in Christ.


Thanks for this JR...it really captures the angst I feel as a follower of Christ who does care, has a distinct domestic and world view that are at odds with each other, and has NO desire to defend/offend etc. in the process...I both admire and feel skeptical towards those who claim genuine clarity but I do not count myself among them.

John Bailie


Thanks for your great prayer. Too true. I've really struggled to keep my eyes on what's most important during this political season. This helps tremendously. One of your ex-parishioners at Calvary forwarded this to me. Many thanks and God bless.


Well written J.R. I can't help but think of Derek Webb's song "A King And A Kingdom" and your prayer reminds me to be thankful that "My first allegiance isn't to a flag, a country or a man, it's to a King and a Kingdom". Amen and God Bless.

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