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November 19, 2008



um.. awesome day!


What a great way to spend the day!


That was a great post J.R. You are so blessed as you have been a blessing to others.


Were you able to have dinner with the cookie woman and her boyfriend? Haven't stopped thinking about her. Like your plate of ccokies, I have an overwhelming need to bring a quart of wonton soup to her -- it may not be the 'chicken soup for the soul' per se, but I find it goes well with a dose of encouragement and a dollop of hope. Praying she makes the rite decisions.


Tell me that the plate of cookies is going to bring Briggs child #2? I am going to get baking!! I appreciate your blog!


It's amazing how God sends you to the right place at the right time. Hoping to hear an update on your neighbor. That gave me chills!


Called to be the hands and feet of Jesus where we are and you live it well...


J.R. -

Hope it's ok, but I'm sharing the Mohammed story with our congregation this week as we talk together about the topic of Peace. Blessings, and peace to you as well.

Carl Adams

JR - I do believe there are times God has a blessing waiting for us if we're sensitive to His spirit - not in the sense that He "owes" it or we "earn" it, just that it's an opportunity to be blessed if we go down the path He's gently directing us towards.

I think your willingness to listen and do the "foolish" thing i.e. taking the plate of cookies to your neighbor to demonstrate compassion for opened the door for this blessing - whether it ultimately ends up being the blessing of a second child for you and Megan, for some other thankful couple, or just the blessing of being able to build into your neighbor's lives as you continue to build relationship with them.

I am touched by this story and as well by my own sense of "I couldn't do that",i.e. take cookies over to a neighbor, I would look foolish, as a man, doing that - but your next sentence made me realize the similarity men (and all of us) feel when we are stepping out of our comfort zone, and are willing to be His hands and feet.

Such an encouraging story - when you share things like that, it reminds me that I too want to be more available for others and show them love, in ways that will stretch me, and at times, yes, cause me to feel uncomfortable.

Thanks for sharing, brother...keep us posted on the next step in that relationship (and with Mohammed!)...

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