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December 29, 2008



wow! i've won an award! awesome. thanks!


If you're interested in some more songs in the vain (thematically) of 'douting thomas,' spend .99 cents and purchase 'doubt and faith' by aaron espe. if you like that, try 'grace,' 'complacency,' and 'tuesday morning.' He's an independent folk musician that is simply unbelievable.


too bad twilight didn't make the list.

also, i 100% agree with doubting thomas. amazing song

john chandler

You went into _The Tangible Kingdom_ skeptical? Hmm...now I know what you think of my book recommendations.


I agree with "Viva La Vida" and yes, "X&Y" is better. "Narrow Stairs" by Death Cab for Cutie and "A Hundred Million Suns" by Snow Patrol round out my top 3. I also like "God of This City" and "Hosanna", especially Starfield's cover. "Ending Is Beginning" by Downhere, "We Need Each Other" by Sanctus Real and "Bebo Norman" by Bebo Norman are my top 3 Christian albums of 2008. My top Christian song of 2008 is "Opposite Way" by Leeland. Take care, Kevin


dude, i'm honored! i just hope my boss doesn't read your blog.

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