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January 22, 2009


J Aquila

You just about have my true essence. I only wish my hair was that good.

J.R. Briggs

David before he hit the gym...

Josh Drake

The "60% of America David"

Tom Mathew

Psalm 59:15

Doug Paul

David in search of the American Dream.

Josh Dinale

If MacDonald's were around when Michelangelo sculpted


i eat, therefore i ham.

Scot McKnight

Southern Baptist Pastor, David


David, after he became a follower of Buddha

Mike G.

I just don't understand why venus d'milo isn't that into me anymore.


David, a man after God's own gut.


David, a man after God's own gut!

Marshall Partlow

I always knew that marble make you look twenty pounds heavier.


"Yeah, just hope you look when you're 505 years old."


Wait - when did the hubby pose for this??


Wait, lemme try mine again without typos:

"Yeah, just hope you look this good when you're 505 years old."


"The rotundra in the rotundra"


Correction: Rotunda

J.R. Briggs

Here are others who were too shy to give their name so they emailed me their response.

(1) "I guess size really does matter!"

(2) "Proportionally we have a little bitty problem here."


The actual "David", shown here, didn't quite match his more recognizable Facebook photo.


Season 12 of the Biggest Loser has NBC perplexed - perhaps the stunt of allowing only nude contestants made of marble was limiting their contestant pool more than anticipated...?


David had only taken the "modeling" gig on a whim to earn a few exta bucks. He never realized his clothes-less visage would have quite the impact it did. Plus he never got why the sculptor kept referring to this as "minimalist" art...


David's audition photo for The Biggest Loser.


Cheeseburger, what cheesburger?


Hey JR - you know the good thing about a contest? It has a winner! ; )

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