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January 26, 2009



i 100% agree

we worked with a morman marketing guy and he was always witnessing- making the connection to what he believes and what i believe. then he asked me to be his 4th wife. no lie

oh wait, that was a lie :)

Paul Berry

Well put. Still, Mormons have come by my house three times. Each time I invite them back to talk at a later date. They've never returned. Has anyone else had this experience?

On a side note, J.R., I quite enjoy this blog. Keep up the good work.

Big Al Briggs

Jota, I would send people out with dirty clothes, a shovel (for dirt or snow), a Bible, and a back pack full of burritos. THAT would meet tangible needs and people would LOVE opening the door to that. Huh, maybe I have just written the idea for our next student moment togehter at Vanguard.


JR, Also, the Mormons do have issues: Parents bribing kids with cars to get them to do their 2 years. DougG

J.R. Briggs

Doug - I have issues, too.

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